What we do best is play hard!!! This weekend we headed to Lake Powlle and what an adventure we had. We planned on camping but then one of our friends pulled through and got us a house boat which made our lifes alot easier and better!! We had a blast, we went crazy during the day wakeboarding, wake surfing, ect... then in the evening we would play on the house boat with the slide and water tramp and the diving board. Know one got hurt to bad... we are all pretty sore but what can ya do!!! It was well worth it!! We took off on sunday... sad to say one of the boys got pulled over going 94 while pulling a boat. Us girls were so lucky cause we were a head of them and we were going almost 100 then slammed on our breaks and as we passed him we were going the speed limit. For a sec we thought we were busted cause we say the officer turn around, He didnt get us he got our friends... haha opps!!!
Here are some photos of our trip. There is a few of us girls cause we like the camera... and then one of the crew!! The best trip this summer!!!


TNTWilliams said...

I am jelous! You're a babe.

Welch TLC said...

I am also jealous you are a BABE!