Mr. & Mrs. Wing

It was the perfect way to start out the year. January 12 2008 I was married to marcus in the Salt lake temple. We had our reception at memory grove. It turned out perfect. The food was great ( from what i hear), are picute guy( shutterbugz) we amazing, along with the video guy ( Happily ever after) , we had so much fun working with them. We did have one problem, My cake... I ordered a square cake and as we were taking pictures i looked over and it was the wrong cake.. boy was i upset. It was round, it was and hour late. So i called and told them and they were really good to me and gave me some money back (Granite Bakery). We had dancing for the last hour and a half, man what a party that was. Marcus and all of his friends got out on the dance floor and got it going, Then the rest of mine and his family were out there dancing the night away. Like i said it was perfect. Loved every second of it.

The next morning, We were off on our honeymoon. We went on a mexico cruise. We had so much fun. ( thoes picture will be here soon) It was perfect weather. In high 70's clear skies. PERFECT!! The ship had alot of things going on all the time so it kept marcus going. As you may know at times he has little A.D.D. The ship hosted the "love and Marriage" Game show and marcus really wanted to be on there. So we were. It was funny. Marcus got everyone going. Also marcus got his dance on and everyone on the ship LOVED his dancing. It was great. There were only 6 honeymooners. We were the funniest!!! ha ha ha. I will go one more once the pics get posted!!! this was just a sneak peek ..... To be continued.....

Now we are home, Its time to set up shop. We live in Holliday in a 2 bedroom apartment. Its way cute but i need to do some decorating. Thats where all my sisters and my mom come in to play. I dont have an eye for this, well at least not yet. Its ao fun living with marcus. Its like playing house. I made dinner the first night it turned out great. Then Marcus made dinner the last 2 nights, He is so sweet. I came home last night at 9:00 and he as already off to work. but when i came in he had the table set with my place decorated and a note said dinner is on the top shelf. It was lite by candle. I married the most thoughtful guy in the world. He makes me so happy. Things are going so good!! I am just trying to find places for everything. He has been such a good helper, so patient with me. Hes the best!! I will also post pics once i decorate a little.

Here is the update of us. I will be better and keeping you all updated on our lives!! Love you all!!!


Welch TLC said...

Well hellow Ms. Wing!!! How does that sound... pretty cool if you ask me.
I am so happy you had a great honeymoon!! We can't wait to vacation with you and Marcus,it will be a party. Your wedding day was beautiful and just so great in every way. You looked so stunning, you were a gorgeous bride. I look forward to seeing more photos. As for Marcus setting up dinner for you that was just the cutest ever. How fun to be newlyweds :)

Love you Ho

jon:krystin:madilyn said...

Your wedding day was perfect! You looked gorgeous. You and Marcus are such a good looking couple!! By the way you go to help me get cute backgrounds on my blog. Mine really needs some help!

Rob and Nat said...

Hey Heidi Its Nat! I saw your blog on Krystin's and I wanted to say hi and congrats! You looked so pretty in your pics! I miss you asd hope everything is going well! Congrats again
Nat (your former salon of italy co-worker)