4 Months Old...

Where does the time go? Honestly!
 My little angel is 4 months old today! 
Oh how i love her so much!! 
She brings such joy into our lives!!

Londons Growth...
Height: 27 in... 98%
Weight: 15.10... 90%
Head: 16.7...80%

Things London LOVES.....
Her daddy
Her bouncer
Her bumbo
Going shopping
Hanging out with Mommy
Visiting her cousins
Her tubs
Loves telling stories!!

Londons Nicknames
* Sugs
*Baby Girl
*LJ ( only by papa)
* Bubins

At 4 months our little one sleeps through the night!! She laughs, smiles a lot, plays with her toys, loves to read books, LOVES her tubs. 

She is the happiest baby EVER. I am so great full for her to be happy and healthy. I couldn't imagine my life with out her. I am so great full that the Lord has entrusted me with his child. I couldn't be happier. I love London with all my heart. I am so thank full for a husband that lets me stay home and take care of her. I am cherishing EVERY moment of every day with her. I am sad she is getting so big!! I am so excited for what the future holds for us with her!! She is so much fun already. I just cant get enough of her!!! 



Lisa and Oliver said...

Heidi you have a beautiful family. The pics of her are darling! Oh how I miss you! I hope everything is going well... looks like it!

Jamie said...

happy 4 months little london! that picture is just darling and so are her 3 month ones! i love how her nails are always painted. i can't ever get sadie to hold still long enough for me to do hers and i don't dare do them while she sleeps for fear that i'll wake her! haha! you are just the best mom heidi. even though i am not around to see you with her i can tell from your words that you are just so in love with being her mommy. you are too cute!

Kristin said...

Ok you are just too cute!! And little London, ADORABLE!! Your such a cute mom and I love that your so close!

The Anglesey Family said...

What a sweetheart! Too cute!

TNTWilliams said...

She is a babe! Where does the time go? We sure love kiss'n and hugg'n her.

Steve and Annie said...

Hey, this is Annicka from the ward. I've been blog-stalking you for awhile and I just have to tell you how adorable London is. It makes my week to see her happy little face in church every Sunday.


hhahahah she is growing so quick Ho and she about the cuttest thing ever!!! She looks like so much fun and full of personality I can't wait to come play together in July

Amber and Kevin Smith said...

TAG you are it! Go to my blog and read the rules. :)

Megan Andersen said...

Isn't being a mother the BEST thing in the world!!! I too am so grateful that I get to stay home with my babies!! She is a doll!