This guy is my Grandpa! I love him so much. He is one of a kind. He has touched so many lives and in so many ways.
Tonight he left us here on earth and went home to his heavenly father and his wife ( my grandma) . He lost his best friend ( my grandma) about 2 years ago and she decided it was time for them to be together again. He was doing what he loved.. golfing with his brother and brother in law.
This guy had many plans. A trip to Mexico, Australia, Russia.
Having him gone is going to be hard, we have been so used to seeing him around just about every sunday around my mom's house!! It just wont be the same with out him. He is going to be miss dearly!!
I have so many memories of him. He honestly was THE BEST GRANDPA anyone could ask for!!!
He sure did know how to have fun, he was always laughing and smiling and always willing to help out in any way!!!
Grandpa.. we love you!! We miss you!! I am so great full that i can call you my Grandpa. Your an amazing guy!! Thank you for everything!!! you will be missed!!!

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Alison said...

sorry heidi! that makes me sad that your grandpa passed away!! hope you are doing okay.