Best big sister EVER!!!


I was so worried the whole time i was prego with Jaxx of how london would act when he joined our family. I have to say she has SHOCKED me! She cant get enough of him. She Loves to kiss him, hold him, try and help feed him... the whole 9 yards. Its so cute. She will walk up to me and say... Mommy I best big sister ever. And its the the truth!! She is my big helper. She is always worried if jaxx is crying, she will say.. Mommy whats the matter with jaxx? He needs to eat!!! It breaks my heart to see her getting so big!! But at the same time its so fun to watch her grow and become her little self. Ever sense I had jaxx she has grown up! She is my big girl. She is my little Princess. I CANT get enough of her. I am so glad that she has adapted to jaxx being part of our family!!! I LOVE YOU LO LO!!! !

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Reid, Megan, Jackson and Aiva said...

Having a sister helped Jack grow up too. I think they need eachother. I am happy you guys are loving having #2!