Jaxx 4 Months

Jaxx has reached 4 months old. WOW!! He is becoming such a good baby! He is smiling ALOT more. He is Laughing. He LOVES his sister... London. He LOVES to eat! He Loves his daddy. He is a mommy's boy right now. He has taken is 1st trip to st. George. He is about to roll over. He is such a Joy! He LOVES to suck on any part of his hand. He is a slobbery baby. He wont take a Binkie. He likes his swing. He loves to be held. He loves with his sister makes him laugh. He is getting so big. He loves to read books. He is starting to reach for toys and play with them. He is our little Buddy!!!!!!!! We love him so much. I could just eat him up!!! 

Jaxx Stats:
Weight 14 lbs - 20 %
Height  25 in - 50%

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Ashli Paynter said...

He is so cute! I just love your family pic..You look so darling!