Marcus and I

This is the rocke he gave me... He much really love me!!! He did a wonderful job with it. I found 2 rings i loved so he joined them as one and made my ring!! I love it. Its sparkels. He calls it my BLING BLING!!!

This is Marcus and I right after he poped the question. His good friends Matt was waiting for us to take pictures... What a good guy!! What we are standing in front of is an old ambulance. He decorated it so cute with candels and roses. It was so thought ful. He was so nervous! But he did a great job!! He bought this ambulance a while ago when he was with Kingdom but sense he is not with Kingdom anymore the ambulance had to be used for something so he used it to ask me to marry him. The way he got me out there was.... Hes like... Babe so were going to put this on ksl but i need to put a charger in it will you come with me.. It was raning and i was like ill wait inside... That didnt fly so he finally got me out there and it was perfect!!! He makes me so happy!!


TNTWilliams said...

You two are cute. I am so excited for you. Love ya, Tenille

Welch TLC said...

Heidi Jo,
I am so happy for you and Marcus. I can't wait to meet him! Congrats and best of luck planning a beautiful wedding, we are so happy we will be there to celebate it with ou

Love you Heaps!

jon:krystin:madilyn said...

Cute blog Heid!!! :) love ya!