So I just got taged by my sister tenille... Here we go....

1.Q The best thing you cooked last week?
Well you see im still at home with my parents so I dont cook. But now that i'm getting married i better learn how to cook. Poor Marcus doesnt know how bad i am at cooking. But im acutally excited to learn how to cook. Ill have to take some lessons from my sisters and sister in laws and of course my mother!!!

2.Q If money, time and babysitting were no object, where would you go and with who.
I would love to go to italy( i have always wante to go there) with my soon to be hubby and my family. I love going on vacations with my family!!

3.Q When was the last time you cried.
Thats good question..... I havent cried lately! I have been so happy there has been no reason to cry. My life is going so good. I couldnt be happier!!!

4.Q 5 things you were doing this month 10 years ago.
Wow ten years ago i was 13.. Lets think....
I was prob riding bikes with my friends.
Playing house/ or with my dolls... I loved dolls till i was like 15 ni kidding!!!
I bet i had some kind of homework i had to do for school that i loved at the time!!!
I could of been babysitting for leora or maybe jsut hanging out over there.
Planning my halloween costume!!
That one was kinda hard ten years ago is a long time ago!!

5. Q 5 things on your to do list today.
Well i have alot more then 5 on my list but ill do my top five.
Go to gateway and return a dress.
Go to target
Do laundray ( not going to happen)
Call reception centers again. ( Waiting on calls back)
Call cateres and set up appointments to plan the menu for my wedding!
When planning a wedding i didnt know there were so many little things to do. I am enjoying the planning i have a great mom and sisters who are helping me!! Thanks!

6.Q 5 favorite snacks.
Oh man i am the snack girl....
Milk Dudes
Rice cakes
Dr. pepper
Chex mix

7. Q 5 Bad Habits.
Oh man...
Staying up to late and being late for work.
Not calling people back.
drinking Dr. pepper
Not going to the Dentist
Not keeping my room clean!!! ( my parents cant wait till im gone cause of that reason)

8.Q 5 favorite foods
I love my food!!!
In the summer i LOVE LOVE My watermelon
I love mexican food
I love a good steak
I love olive garden... ask marcus we go there all the time!! YUMMY!!!
I love my moms suday dinner, her rolls, salads, EVERYTHING....

9.Q 5 Places I've been.
I love to travel....
New York
Marthas Vineyard/Boston
Mexico... Best family trips!!

10.Q 5 Favorite Memories
Well.. The most recent memory i will never ever for get was when marcus asked me to marry him. He is so thoughtful and so cute i love him to pieces.
One that happened this summer was a random trip to hawaii with my girls. One of the best trips ever. We had so so much fun. I love my girls... (Marcy, Aubs, Lisa)
When i graduated from high school i moved back east to boston and what an experience that was. I grew as a person so much in those 2 years. I would move back east any time. Besides the winter is way to cold.
Hair school was a memory i will cherish. It was alot of work, but i love what i do now. I met some great girls and i loved learning abut hair and being able to make people feel good about them selfs.
My family trips to mexico... Man words cant decribe how fun our trips our!! I love my family they are so fun!! Im greatful for each of them!!!

Now the 4 people i tag... Alison Lacey, Megan welch, Alisha Leval, Lindsay.


TNTWilliams said...

Way to go! Your answers were so cute. Thanks for all your help today. It was fun to see you. Love ya!

Kristen and Garrett Halligan said...

You remind me sooo much of my friend Kassie! You guys look a lot a like, talk a like, both are cosmotologists, etc.! It's kind of freaking me out! ;)

Anonymous said...

Genial fill someone in on and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you for your information.