Celine Dion

Last night I got to go see Celine Dion in concert with my parents and my sister Tenille. It was so last min (so last min i wore sweats the the concert) but such a blast!!  I had never seen her in concert before so i really enjoyed her. She sang a lot of her older songs that i new. I could of watched her all day!!! I have such a wonderful hubby who took care of the little one so i could go. Thanks baby!!! Hes such a good daddy!! He loves spending time with our little one!! He just cant get enough of her. He would rather sit home with her then see Celine in concert... CRAZY!!

During the concert Celine was so funny she would pull so many faces, she was so intense! She did a lot of outfit changes, she looked great!! I love her voice!! When we were little we went on a road trip and that is when my dad fell in love with Celine. We listened to her the WHOLE trip!! My dad really enjoys her and this is the 2nd time seeing her in concert!! Thanks to Tenilles in laws for giving us the tickets I really enjoyed the show!!! 

Mom and dad in the moment enjoying the show.. with a DC in hand!!

Tenille and I
The Girls!!!
Dad and Mom!!



OH I miss your fam and how fun would that be!! gotta love Celine. I love the pic of your mom with her DC!! hahahha cracks me up!

marissa said...

I love celine old songs, don't know too much of her new stuff though. It looks like you had fun.

The Brown Family said...

That's really funny that you went too cause I was just reading on Katt's FB page that she was at that concert too :o)

Kristin said...

How fun!! I love going to concerts!

Amazed said...

I'm glad you guys could use the tickets!!!!! And London is getting so dang cute!