5 Months old!!
What a joy you are!!
Your Mommy and Daddy Love you so much
You bring such happiness to our lives!!

Dear London,

You are such a wonderful Baby! Your are so happy all the time. You are such a fun age, I love seeing how much you grow and learn each and everyday!!

* You will be rolling over any day. You practice all the time. You have done it a few time, and you get so confused of what just happened!! Keep up the hard work baby!
*You love to eat. One of these days you will get to try some yummy stuff!! :)
* You are working on sitting up as well! You are becoming such a big girl! 
*You  LOVE it when your daddy plays with you, He makes you laugh ALL the time. You have the Cutes laugh out there!!
*You LOVE reading books with Mommy! 
* You out EVERYTHING in your mouth. Hands, toys, feet, book and what ever else you  can get your little hands on. You are always so wet cause of the drool... I think you maybe teething but your not fussy so i really dont know :)
*You were sleeping like a champ until you got sick and now we are working on not waking up at 3 am!! But even when you are awake at that time you are still so happy. You eat and go back to sleep!! Mommy loves every second she can get with you!!! 

London you mean the world to us!!! We are so lucky to have you as our little girl! You enjoy everything and anything we do... You love to look in  the mirror as mommy gets ready, You love playing with your toys!! you love watching movies and snuggling with mommy and daddy!! Honestly there is nothing better then being your mommy!! I love you sweet girl!!

Love Mommy and Daddy!! 


TNTWilliams said...

i heart london...

Reid, Megan and Jackson said...

She is so adorable!

The Anglesey Family said...

She looks sooooooo much like you!!!!!! Sooo cute!

Kristin said...

Heid's your so cute!! I loved your post! She is so sweet, I am so glad you are having fun!! xo

Jamie said...

happy 5 months london! : ) she's too cute for words heidi!

Amazed said...

she really is so adorable! Takes after her cute mommy, I think!