Happy Birthday Marcus

Marcus John
I Love you so much that is HURTS!!
Happy Birthday!!!!!!

Today is a BIG day!
Mr. Marcus Wing turns 25!
I am so proud to be married to this man!

Today is the day that i get to spoil him ROTTEN!!!
To start here are some reasons why i LOVE and ADORE him

*He is so thought full, He puts EVERYONE and ANYONE before himself.

* He is the BEST daddy EVER. His little girl LOVES him so much. Every time he comes home she lights up!!

*Works SO hard for our little family!!

* He is a VERY talented DJ!!

* He SINGS all day long, It makes us all in a good mood!!

*He tells me EVERYDAY how much he LOVES me!!

* He has a strong testimony of the gosple and is devoted to the savior!

*He is my BEST Friend!!

*He LOVES homemade chocolate chip cookies!

*He is SOOO handsome! I just cant get enough of him!! 

* He makes me feel like i am the ONLY girl on the earth.
* He can make me laugh so hard that i cry or pee my pants.. ;)

Happy birthday baby I love you!!
Thank you for being my best friend, always making me laugh!
and just so you know i still get butterflies every time you kiss me!!

xoxo your wife


Kristen and Garrett Halligan said...

Happy Birthday Marcus!! You guys are such cuties, we love ya!


happy birthday Markus!! I knew it was your birthday cuz sometimes Heidi just randomly calls my phone and last night about 11:00 at night she called and ofcourse didn't know it but I heard them singing happy birthday to you!! so looks like you had a fun one... which you deserve!!! can't wait to see you guys in July

Annie Harper said...

That was cute! Happy birthday to your awesome fella :)

Megan Andersen said...

Happy Birthday Marcus! Lucky you--only 25!! We are excited to see you DJ at Tiffs wedding.

Amazed said...

I bet Markus loved hearing he makes you "p" your pants!!!! Ha!