The newest Chippett


This girl LOVES LOVES LOVES the chippettes
She cant wait till the movie comes out!
Christmas day I know this little girl will be at the movies
watching Brittany!! (its all she can talk about) 


Megan Andersen said...

Oh I am so out of it! I don't even know who the Chippettes are!! But that is sure one cute girl!!!

The Anglesey Family said...

I love your header picture!

idon'tremembereatingcorn said...

heidi.. are you sure about picking us up? i feel like it is too much to ask. i had decided to get a cab, but then torah emailed saying you would pick me up. I have your number so I will call you tomorrow. I am flying in on united from chicago and get in at 10.50pm flight 6097 - don't park or anything i can call you when I land and meet you outside. I will call you before we leave chicago to let you know if we are on time
if you want to back out.. do!!!
my email is robandrowe@mac.com