London is 14 months... Really?

Time goes by  WAY to fast!! 
14 months ago... My Little 
LOLO came and changed my life!
This is how i would describe her at 
14 Months
Sweet, Fun, Dramatic
loving, smiley
Crazy, Diva, Funny
Adorable, SO Girl
Playful, Out going, walking,
Energetic, Loud, independent,
Creative, Eater ,Happy
Climber, Smart! My best friend!!

Lolo what would i do with out! You make my day every time i come into your room, you reach for me with a big SMILE on your face and say MAMA!! I love you more then words can explain!! You are my everything!! You are going so fast... Im loving every second watching you grow up and seeing you changing into a little girl. Can you stop growing for a little bit.. your getting to big to fast!! Just know your mommy and daddy love with all our hearts!!  

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Megan Andersen said...

Oh, she really is getting so big so fast!!! She is looking more and more like a toddler & less like a baby!! It is so sad how fast they grow...that is why we have to SAVOR.SAVOR. SAVOR. every moment (which is what it looks like your doing). Love Ya!