A little of this and a little of that....

That last few weeks have been so BUSY
 but we have not forgotten how to have fun in the mean time. 
Here is what we have been up to....

We shopped till we dropped with the kiddos!!
A mom who knows what she is doing... she is a good sport!! 
I need to take lessons from her!!

Boston was a good boy while we shopped so...
 he got to play in the water at the end of the day!! 
Partners in crime... London LOVES Sadie Jo!!
Shes already leaning on Sadie for support... Thanks Sadie Jo!!
Boston showing us his tricks on his NEW SKATE BOARD!! 
He's got mad skill....
The boys taken London on a ride! 
Hold on Baby Girl!

Playing at grandma Jo's house!!
Swinging with Daddy!! 
We went and saw Thomas the train for Nash's 2nd Birthday!!
London and I on Thomas!!

The GANG at Thomas... Well some of them that is

Rylee is my little helper. London gets so excited when she see's her!!
Thanks Rylee!! Love you!

All Tuckered out!!
London is so fun! She is at the stage where she get so EXCITED about things. Her personality is really starting to shine. I LOVE that i get to spend all day everyday with her. She makes me LAUGH, she my little MONKEYS!! I love you baby girl!!

P.S Pics of the house will be on soon!! Just finishing a few things first!! We are loving are new place ... we definitely miss our ward and friends!!!


Kristin said...

Heidi! I love all the photo's!! London is adorable! YES YES pic's of your adorable home (I am sure) would be such a treat. ;) You look darling like always!

Reid, Megan and Jackson said...

I love London's little eyebrows! They give her face such personality. Looks like you guys have been having good times.

Lisa and Oliver said...

Looks like you are having fun! I want to see your home! AND we never went out for your birthday because Marcy and Aubs went to Cali that weekend we were planning. What's this week like for you?

Jamie said...

looks like you guys have been having a lot of fun! she's such a happy little thing! i love her smile, darling!

Stephanie said...

Hey, thanks for the comment! Just go to my photog blog blackbirdbeauty.blogspot.com, check out the pricing, then send me an e-mail and we can schedule a session! Your little girl is adorable, I know I'll have a blast photographing her.

Ben and Ashli Paynter said...

You have been so busy! London is getting so bug so fast. She is so cute. Hope you are doing good.

TNTWilliams said...

Stinkin cute girl! I love the pictures you took the other day. Thanks for making me get out-I need it! You are a breath of fresh air for me!

The Brown Family said...

How fun! I can't believe Boston is so big...that last time I saw him he was an infant. Where does time go?!!
Didn't know you moved...that's awesome! Congrats!
Hey if you hear of anything for rent in your area, will you let me know? We're moving back mid August and need a place. Thanks friend!
London is getting SO big...so so cute!