I Love "LOVE" day!!
I love to show Marcus and London
how much I love them!!!

this year i wanted to start some traditions for our family! I thought about it and thought about it!! I always want my kids and Marcus to know how much they mean to me and why I love them!! So i decided to put "love notes" in there doorways so when they wake up they can see them. {{I want to start new traditions all the time.. so any ideas would be great!!!}} I also made Heart shaped pancakes and eggs and we had breakfast in bed!!! then off to church we went!! Cupid left london a little supprise! He leaves her a book, Love day pj's , sticker book and some "pretties" It was fun watching her go through it and getting excited!!! (Kids make holidays so much fun! ) That evening we went to grandma Jo's and had chocolate fountain... man that was a treat!!! To say the least we had a fabulous "love day"

I love showing love and the little things we do for each other!!!!
I love how Marcus showed up with flowers at 1 am
I love being a mommy to London
I love talking about love
I love life!!
I love Marcus
I love London
I love YOU!

P.s Olympic pics will soon be posted!!

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heidi ho London is getting sooo big!! I can't believe it... so cute!! good thing for bows I tell ya cuz those pics without bows she looks like a minnie markus! CALL ME... I think i've called you atlease 10 times so I think it's time to finally call me back :)